theHunter: Call of the Wild – Review

User Rating: 8.1

theHunter is not a video game. It’s a hunting simulator and personally, the environment aside, I think this game is only for the most patient of players. This game asks for an unheard level of patience that I guess most gamers just dont have.


The Devs have poured a tremendous amount of effort into the wilderness sounds and appearance.

It seems there’s an incredible amount of information to consider when hunting and tracking but you’ll have almost none of this explained. Extremely bare-bones tutorial and when you go on YouTube for tips it’s shocking how much information you need to know compared to what the game gives you

I like how this feels real. Of course, if you went hunting in real life, animals are not just going to group together in plain sight like a Disney film. This is real hunting. There’s going to be a lot of waiting involved in a hunt. The problem with the game can be seen during the hunting or stalking section of the game, the interactivity drops to absolute zero.

Patience Is Everything

It takes planning and patience to play this game just like real hunters do but the reward of getting a clean shot on your mark you have been hunting for 2 hours in-game and the thrill of chasing down a buck that’s fatally wounded is just amazing.

Minor Issues

If you exit an ATV when it is at an angle the camera will maintain that angle. It can be pretty funny but it’s a really strange bug. Also, the ATV is an absolute death trap when going down a steep hill and will launch you for miles (literally, no exaggeration, actual miles) and the animals will sometimes just derp out and stand around. They will also just decide to become completely invulnerable and just stare at you, daring you to take your best shot, then attacking when you get close.

My other complaint is that you don’t unlock many useful items very quickly. It does take a long time to level up enough to buy better essential equipment.

Is It Worth Playing?

The graphics are really realistic, it shows the true spirit of those who truly hunt. If you want to know what a hunting experience is like try this game it tells you animal behaviors and so much more. It is a patience game but it is really fun wanting everything and hearing all the relaxing background noises. If you have the patience to play this game, it’s definitely worth a pick.

  • Calming Environment
  • Highly Realistic Graphics
  • Great Attention To Details
  • Time Consuming
  • Bad Camera Angles
Gameplay - 5.6
Graphics - 9.3
Audio - 7.9
Longevity - 9.5

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