Total War: Three Kingdoms Review

User Rating: 7.5

Total War: Three Kingdoms is a very in-depth, highly detailed turn-based strategy game developed by Creative Assembly which is well famous for real-time tactics gameplay mechanics. In this article, we are going to briefly review this game to find out whether it’s your time or not.

You Will Make Too Many Mistakes

The fun part about this game is, it is going to test your decision-making skills. It’s Steep learning curve, immensely immersive, character management can take quite a bit of time towards the late game, but it’s all about how much you want to optimize vs. hitting that next turn button. You’ll be fine if you don’t agonize in the details of character gear and talents, but it can be a definitive factor in how your faction runs.

The romance of The Three Kingdoms

It goes in-depth to the story of Romance of the Three Kingdoms and even goes to add minute details from the novel to the game. The unit diversity seriously is amazing and it’s really fun to see and test out the different units.

The combat AI and diplomacy are greatly improved from past total war games as well so it’s actually a compelling grand strategy experience now.

Even though this is a strategy game, the graphics in this game are very detailed and you probably need a better GPU to run this game at ultra-settings.

This game offers a lot of resources for new players to learn. It does require micro-management depending on how you would like to play and that is what makes this game so profoundly fun. Looking at the Total War: Warhammer It’s definitely worth a try.

Gameplay - 7.5
Graphics - 6.7
Audio - 7
Longevity - 8.6

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