Untitled Goose Game: Review

User Rating: 6.2

Untitled Goose Game is a fun and great experience the goal of the game is to complete tasks or lists that are given to you these usually include steal people’s stuff and place them in certain places other tasks are just being a demon bird and ruining peoples lives.


The premise is simple you are a horrible goose and have a to-do list of horrible things to do to a quintessential English village population. Armed only with your beak and a honk you can manipulate the world around you to achieve your goals. The puzzles are interesting in rather open-ended on how you achieve these. The game is visually appealing with a really nice minimal style and the game is really easy to get the hang of. You literally only need to worry about moving, picking up various items with your beak, occasionally consulting your checklist, and honking.

Funny Gameplay

The game has 4 main areas and each is full of laughs and great fun the game can be short but there are still more tasks to complete. The game can be considered a puzzle game mostly because you can distract people by honking *Honk* *Honk* the way you can sneak around and steal their items to complete tasks at times the game can be frustrating mostly because people might eventually find there stolen items when you get their attention by honking.

I came into the game thinking it was going to be a little too simple, but I ended up really enjoying it. Some of the objects lying around can be used as distractions, but only if you’re quick enough to take advantage but also not too quick that you’re hitting every obstacle in your way or getting stuck and slowing yourself down.

The graphics aren’t anything special, the controls are basic, but the music and gameplay mesh so well that you get so into stealing things or running away from the humans, it really gets you emotionally invested. Then there’s the big brain plays you need to make in order to complete some objectives and the sense of accomplishment you get when you successfully terrorize the inhabitants of this small village.

Main Problems With This Game

The controls lack the finesse required for the evasive and sneaky maneuvers required to meet the objectives. Few things are more frustrating than poor controls. However, there’s a bigger problem. The objectives, presented as a random list, often feel pointless and quickly become tedious. It would be more fun and clever if points were tallied up for the mayhem the player caused. That would encourage the player to discover different ways of making mayhem. It would also put a focus on learning and exploiting the game’s internal logic.

As it is, there isn’t much logic to the game. Many of the puzzles are about blundering about until the solution is tripped over. There’s little satisfaction in that. In some cases, what appeared to be the logical solution wasn’t accepted.


The goose is incredibly malicious and I think I’ve been possessed by its unearthly bloodlust. It is also very cute! I love this game and would recommend it to anyone looking for a funny, interactive, and family-friendly experience. Honk!

  • Cross Platform Exclusivity
  • It's Funny (Stress Reliever)
  • Fair Priced
  • Suitable For All Age Group
  • Buggy Controls
  • Relatively Short (>4 Hours)
  • No Multiplayer
  • Can Be Frustrating At Times
Gameplay - 9.3
Graphics - 3.1
Audio - 7.3
Longevity - 5.2

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