Visage: Review

User Rating: 6.4

If you’re a fan of horror games, you definitely need to experience Visage. It may take the throne & crown for being the most terrifying and surreal game/experience of all-time. I can’t think of any horror game, not even PT, Amnesia, Outlast, or Alien Isolation, or movie can hold a candle to what this team has created with Visage. The intro immediately sets the tone and is the most disturbing and uncomfortable you will ever experience

It has the perfect amount of ambiance and the build-up for the horror of this game is incredible.


The gameplay in which a certain gaming engine runs this unspeakable project sets sail on a journey that makes you defenseless, that in my opinion is awful since we can defend ourselves in reality & we can’t in virtual reality, with no weapons of any sort protecting you from the malicious existence tailing you from every corner & every door as you link your surroundings, discovering clues & key elements assisting you to escape the nightmare that torments you or imprison you in this chasmic night terror.

Here’s how the game goes: you enter a room, fully aware that you have to do something to escape that room. You look everywhere, searching for some kind of puzzle or logical thing you can do to escape the room. That is not what this game wants, it wants you to do something totally illogical and random, meaning that every time this scenario arises, you spend your time brainlessly walking around spamming buttons looking for items that might help you get out of the room.


The storyline being presented here is truly dark & dreadful as you relive the lives of the families that have lived in this house, stained with the blood caused by the loathly events that could’ve turned happiness into madness.

The dark entities, the family members, or the characters being brought to life in these disgustful events are openly haunting you, watching your every move as you crawl, as you walk, as you run away from the fear that’s within you & making you run closer into deciphering the real truth of what’s causing these spirits to attack you, & why these deaths took place from when & where.


The controls do take some getting used to and aren’t as intuitive as they could be but the puzzles are top-notch. I guarantee you that there will come a time when you are stuck on a puzzle for a while, the game does give you plenty of hints but when the pressure is on your brain doesn’t always connect the most obvious hints.

Is It Worth Playing?

There is a small learning curve to the inventory, but it becomes natural fairly quickly, and while human character models are rather awful, “enemy” characters, effects, and most notably the design of the world are top-notch.

Any lover of horror should absolutely play Visage. And anyone who wants a piece of software to occasionally break out to scare their friends, this will make for a fun, frightening evening.

  • Filled With Jumpscares
  • Thrilling Gameplay
  • Easy To Master Controls
  • Gameplay Feels Repetitive
  • Graphics Are Terrible
  • Filled With Glitches & Bugs
Gameplay - 8.8
Graphics - 2.1
Audio - 7.7
Longevity - 6.8

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